Hello world!

Hi, I’m Jake Coffman and I am a developer in St. Louis Missouri.

I have a Bachelors in Computer Science and have worked professionally in C++, Python, JavaScript, Java, Groovy, Ruby, Go, and C#.


I started out working on low level security libraries and various security related GUIs at Cerner.

Then I moved on to doing low level network programming on a 3-D distributed simulation of fighter jets at Boeing. I started to pick up web programming while I was there, so my next job was a startup called Appistry.

At Appistry I helped create an ETL system that took HL7 data and transformed it into SQL where it could be searched from the web. I also did various other “Big Data” web interfaces.

Now I am at World Wide Technology where I maintain a sales-oriented system of web applications that allow customers to launch virtual machines and connect to them via their browser.


I like game development and have been working on games in my free time. Game development is all about optimization of the main loop and as such is really interesting to work on. That and you see your results instantly and can play with others.

I also like web development as a way to expose what I do to potentially billions of people.