Hello world!

Hi, I’m Jake Coffman and I am a developer in St. Louis Missouri.

I have a Bachelors in Computer Science and have worked professionally in C++, Python, JavaScript, Java, Groovy, Ruby, Go, and C#.


I started out working on low level security libraries and various security related GUIs at Cerner.

Then I moved on to doing low level network programming on a 3-D distributed simulation of fighter jets at Boeing. I started to pick up web programming while I was there, so my next job was a startup called Appistry.

At Appistry I helped create an ETL system that took HL7 data and transformed it into SQL where it could be searched from the web. I also did various other “Big Data” web interfaces.

Now I am at World Wide Technology where I maintain a sales-oriented system of web applications that allow customers to launch virtual machines and connect to them via their browser.


I like game development and have been working on games in my free time. Game development is refreshing and completely unlike web development which I have been doing for my day job. Working in 2D and 3D with physics engines is a fun challenge.

I also like web development as a way to expose what I do to potentially billions of people.