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Go swagger generator

I built a Go library that can generate Swagger and validation middleware automatically from Go code.

It’s called CRUD and you can get it here: https://github.com/jakecoffman/crud

Getting started

Start by getting the package go get github.com/jakecoffman/crud

Then in your main.go:

  1. Create a router with NewRouter
  2. Add routes with Add
  3. Then call Serve

Routes are specifications that look like this:

	Method:      "PATCH",
	Path:        "/widgets/{id}",
	PreHandlers: []gin.HandlerFunc{Auth},
	Handler:     CreateHandler,
	Description: "Adds a widget",
	Tags:        []string{"Widgets"},
	Validate: crud.Validate{
		Path: crud.Object(map[string]crud.Field{
			"id": crud.Number().Required().Description("ID of the widget"),
		Body: crud.Object(map[string]crud.Field{
			"owner": crud.String().Required().Example("Bob").Description("Widget owner's name"),

This will add a route /widgets/:id that responds to the PATCH method. It generates swagger and serves it at the root of the web application. It validates that the ID in the path is a number, so you don’t have to. It also validates that the body is an object and has an “owner” property that is a string, again so you won’t have to.

It mounts the swagger-ui at / and loads up the generated swagger.json.